Historic Debate in South Korea - Köpeklerin Yenmesinin Önlenmesi

Tarih: 26/11/2021
Güney Kore'de köpeklerin yenmesinin yasaklanması için Kore başbakanın yarın bir toplantı yapması bekleniyor.
Acil sosyal medyada Kore elçisini (Mr Won Ik Lee) arayıp KÖPEKLERİN YENMESİNİN ÖNLENMESİ için talepte bulunalım. Bilgiler aşağıda. Yardımcı olur musunuz. Bir sonraki mesajda ingilizce detaylar var.
South Korean Embassy in Ankara, Turkey
AddressAlaçam Sok. No.5 Cinnah Caddesi
Çankaya Ankara Turkey
Telephone(+90) 312-468-4821 to 3 Fax(+90) 312-468-2279
Mr Won Ik Lee, AmbassadorHead of mission


Dear Friends

November 25th is a big day for the Korean government, as they will finally discuss whether eating dog meat should be banned.

For years, together with our partners in South Korea, we have lobbied them to close dog meat markets and dog farms and bring an end to abject suffering.

We always knew President Moon-Jae is an animal lover with dogs of his own, and it was encouraging a few months back when he made the bold declaration in September that it could be time to end consumption of dog meat.

We wondered if it was an election stunt, but true to his word on November 25th, the government, presided over by Prime Minister Kim Boo-Kym, will discuss whether to prohibit eating dogs.

Dog meat has always been a contentious subject in South Korea, with many citizens resenting outside influence and believing it is their choice, and many of our campaigns have met with hostility.

But after ten long years of campaigning, we see things finally changing. It is not just opposition globally to eating dogs and cats. There is a real change of attitudes within South Korea as more and more people get pets.

NoToDogMeat has been campaigning to end the dog meat trade for over ten years and works closely with grassroots organisation CCSOGAON who have successfully used current animal protection laws to close dog farms and shut down markets and restaurants.

These laws have been used to help restrict sales and public slaughter of dogs but eating them was still allowed.

We hope that this week additional laws will be discussed.It is important to remember this issue is not just about the horrific cruelty the dogs suffer but also a health hazard.

There are still many dog farms on Jeju Island – a purported island of beauty and nature. Dogs there are fed on food waste, a violation of the Control of Livestock and Fish Feed Act, Article 14, Section 1 & 2) And the waste they, in turn, produce, pollutes the environment and is a violation of the Act on the Management and Use of Livestock Excreta Article 11.

It is high time these legal loopholes are closed.

Korea needs to say NoToDogMeat.

We have written to the U.K. Ambassador to Korea to urge him to support discussions. Raise your voice and contact your embassy ( List of embassies in Link)

Follow updates on social media as we get more news.

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